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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

The Litigation and Dispute resolution department is composed of determined, gritty and highly qualified licensed lawyers. Having been educated and trained to the highest standards, the Litigation and Dispute Resolution department develops tailored strategical and tactical plans for defending and enforcing our Client’s rights and interests with regards to dispute resolution before the Courts of Law, Arbitration Authorities or via Mediation and Private Negotiations.

Our Litigation and Dispute Resolution department undertakes constant training and further educational initiatives which serve as useful tools in expanding our members perception beyond the scope of traditional legal training and as such allows the members to utilize knowledge gained in other intellectual fields to complement their performance allowing for a more comprehensive and efficient methods of achieving success for our clients in dispute resolution procedures.

The Litigation and Resolution Department can provide our Clients with comprehensive all encompassing services relating, but not limited to, the following disciplines.

Family Law & Matrimonial

We pride ourselves as having one of the most specialized teams in the field of family law and matrimonial matters. We exhibit professionalism coupled with sensitivity and care in dealing with the delicate matters in the full spectrum of family law.

Our lawyers undertake the most prudent actions and always act with due respect and regard to the sanctity of the family unit, the rights of parents and offspring and the dynamics at play.

We undertake all matters in strict confidentiality and at the highest level of professionalism having a successful track record in successfully completing cases involving divorce proceedings, enforcement of parental rights, visitation rights, separation of couples and financial obligations pursuant to family relationships.

Wills & Probate

The tactical and resourceful approach of our lawyers serves to our complete Client’s satisfaction when it comes to matters governing the transference of wealth following the passing away of a Client.

Our department retains the necessary knowledge and experience to navigate the complex National, European and International legal systems, principles and codes in order to establish the best strategic approach to the Client’s wishes ensuring their wealth gets passed down in accordance with their wishes irrespective if such must take the form of a Foundation, Trust or Will.

It is important to note that AA Partners retains the necessary professionals to provide a complete service package range for the administration of the estate of a deceased client in the absence of such an instrument.

Employment Law

Our Litigation department has represented numerous clients before employment tribunals, private negotiations, and courts with respect to matters that arise out of employment relationships.

Retaining a record of representing both employers and employees, the Litigation Department at AA Partners has gained the appropriate discretion, knowledge and understanding of the employment industry and as such is capable of representing clients of all sizes and forms, whether it’s an employee working minimum wage or a highly reputable business enterprise, our services will benefit and tend to the issues that negatively impact our Clients.

We provide guidance and advice in all areas of labor law like unfair dismissal, discrimination, minimum wage, workplace health and safety.

We represent employers and corporations on an ongoing legal basis, assisting them to set up and implement correct contracts, policies and procedures which help them nurture balanced internal affairs and maintain a good reputation.

Personal Injuries, Negligence & Torts

The Department retains considerable expertise, technical know-how and acumen in handling the most complex of cases involving injuries. Having represented both plaintiffs and defendants in matters including inter-alia personal injuries, insurance claims, defamation, libel, slander, road traffic accidents and professional negligence, the Department fights tooth and nail for each and every one of our clients which has suffered an injury due to negligent factors.

Our firm offers a complimentary consultation session in order to ascertain the information presented, facts revolving around a case as well as our client’s point of view of the events that transpired. The aforementioned is blended in conjuncture with our ever-expansive expertise to ascertain the merits of the Client’s claim and how justifiable their case may be. Consequently, the Client is advised as to merits of the case, the important factors and potential blocks or success factors which may play a role in the duration of the proceedings.

Restructuring & Insolvency

Regardless of whether you are downsizing your business or facing liquidity or solvency issues, our team will guide you through and provide answers concerning creditors voluntary liquidations, compulsory liquidations, bankruptcy, members voluntary liquidations, credit recovery, debt restructuring and non-performing loans.

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